• From criminals to corporate leaders: a psychologist’s view  

    Clinical psychologist Chantal Hofstee sits down with Wellness Daily to discuss working with convicted criminals in the Netherlands, coaching corporate leaders across the globe and why we need to avoid overstimulating our brains. 
  • The art of keeping a journal

    It’s the ultimate wellness hack for the digital age – dumping your thoughts down on paper. 
  • Giving up on your goal? Read this first

    So, you’ve set a goal to eat healthier and you’ve mapped out a plan of attack. You’ll replace those chips with fruit for your late-night snack. You’ll switch to wholegrain bread. You’ll start buying fresh vegetables.
  • Work tunes to keep you firing on all cylinders

    It’s an age-old question that can divide an office. Can workplace music increase productivity or does it in fact achieve quite the opposite with its distracting ways, as some colleagues will suggest. writes Raymond Medhurst.

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“Addiction is when natural biological imperatives, like the need for food, sex, relaxation or status, become prioritised to the point of destructiveness. It is exacerbated by a culture that understandably exploits this mechanic as it's a damn good way to sell Mars bars and Toyotas.” 

 - Russell Brand