• Why online trolls cannot detract from your self-love and self-care

    Fear of judgment holds many men and women back from being themselves, especially in the social media age, but true personal growth can only come from leaving the comfort zone and facing issues head on, argues an Australian wellness advocate.
  • Is money holding back your happiness?

    New research from the Commonwealth Bank and Melbourne Institute has measured financial wellbeing to better understand the health of Australians. 
  • Really, what kind of creature are we?

    Ask yourself—and answer honestly—do you think that the “elderly” (however you define the term) are useless and a drain on society due to their pensions and medical needs?
  • 9 New rules for 2019 headstart

    New year resolutions are as outdated as the fax machine. And change does NOT have to be grand or radical. The biggest mistake people make on 1st January is to make unrealistic and unsustainable goals. Please don’t. Its best to make none at all. The second biggest mistake people make is they wait around for the perfect time to start. The thing is, transformation does not fall out of the sky or happen as one big epiphany.

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“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain