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Small Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier Life

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The older we get, the more care we need to be taking of ourselves and given the health crisis year we’ve had in 2020, people are looking at ways to better their lifestyle in general. Changing bad habits is a great place to start, and if you’re unsure which positive change to make first – the following tips should help.

Quit The Diets

While most of us want to lose a few kilos, it turns out we’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Fad diets, cutting out certain foods from our life, restrictive eating and even living off soup – if you’ve tried one, you’ve probably tried them all... and failed. While obesity leads to many health risks, including heart disease and stroke, crash diets and restricting food can also lead to health problems. By removing certain foods from your diet, you’re losing valuable nutrients that could actually aid your weight loss endeavour. Rather than dieting, follow a healthy eating plan that includes a great balance of foods that are good for you. Healthy eating allows you to still have your favourite treats, in moderation, while at the same time helping you to lose weight and keep it off.

Get Out And Walk

Does the thought of hitting the gym give you anxiety? No time to lift weights or hit boxing classes? Don’t stress. Get out and take a walk instead. Even just a 10 minute walk each day can have a positive impact on your health. If you can do more, don’t be afraid to head to the gym – there are some great women’s only gyms available if you prefer, or you can go early mornings or late at night if you prefer to avoid crowds. But let’s face it – if you’re hitting the gym, you should be proud of yourself for making lifestyle changes, so don’t hide it. Yoga, cycling, running and weight training are also great ways to get the heart pumping, keep the weight off, and give you more energy in general.

Switch To Vaping

Smoking is considered to be a big no-no these days, but it’s also a habit that’s hard to kick. If you want to quit the smokes, but you’re finding it hard to do so, an e-cigarette allows you to inhale nicotine as a vapour, rather than as smoke – they don’t burn tobacco and don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide. These are two of the most dangerous aspects of cigarette smoking. Vaping heats a liquid that generally contains nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, as well as flavours. You can get vapes in all shapes and sizes; they’re rechargeable, have a tank to store the liquid. Vaping is also highly regulated by the government, particularly when it comes to safety and quality.

Switch Off

Do you watch your phone for hours before heading to bed and then wonder why you can’t get to sleep or why you keep waking up in the night? Did you know that the blue light on your phone or tablet can actually have a massive impact on your sleep patterns – and in turn, your overall health? The blue light delays the release of melatonin, which is what helps us get to sleep, and resets our body’s internal clock so that we’re tired later. Sleep deprivation can lead to a range of ailments, from weight gain to high blood pressure, so make sure you switch off your technology at least 2 hours before your head hits the pillow.

You should also learn to switch off during the day as well. Give your eyes and brain a break, remove yourself from the never-ending drama of social media, ignore the emails flooding in, and take some time out for yourself instead. You’ll feel much better for it.

Make New Friends

Connecting with other people is great for your mental health, helping to reduce the amount of stress we have – and giving us an outlet where we can discuss any problems we might be having. Quality friendships, where you support each other, are also good for your self-confidence and they can increase the happiness in your life. So, how can you make new friends? Join a social group, take up a new hobby, join a gym and start doing classes, and be open – when someone smiles and says hello, don’t be afraid to further the conversation. Don’t forget to keep your old friends on board as well, provided they add value to your life.

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, it starts with you – the healthier you are, the happier you’ll feel. The more content you are, the more likely you are to attract positive people and energy to your life. After a tumultuous 2020, start 2021 off the right way – with YOU and your health at the top.

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