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5 technologies reshaping the future of wellness

In its Wellness 2030 report, the Global Wellness Institute identified a handful of radical innovations and trends impacting human wellbeing.

1. Humans and technology converge

Digitalisation will enable lifestyles with dramatically more options and will influence our habits, needs and desires. We are redefining ourselves: what does it mean to be human? We are seeing the rise of a new symbiosis between humans and technology.

2. Biohacking: The shortcut to wellbeing

Biohackers are a subculture driven by a pioneering spirit. They’re open to crossing disciplinary lines to make things possible; they want to liberate themselves from the limitations of nature, age and disease. Their credo: everyone is capable of developing their own self-healing and self-optimisation powers. Biohacking is already impacting the wellness industry today. Start-up The Third Wave, for instance, aims at improving wellbeing with the help of LSD microdosing.

3. Data selfies

Smartphones have made the self-portrait a dominant form of communication. In the future, metrics on our inner lives will be added to these images of our outward appearances. Wearable tech has been collecting data on everything from our heart rates to the calories we burn — and soon, far more data on our emotions and happiness will be captured. This will offer radically new and transparent insights into our total wellbeing, and will have huge implications for the health and wellness industries.

4. Wellness is social — make people happier and healthier together

In the 21st century, connecting with other people has taken on a new dimension: complex collaborations are now a part of our everyday lives. In the future, algorithms could take on the work of choosing the right partner or the perfect mindfulness coach. What’s more, artificial intelligence inside a new generation of smart assistants will increase the quality of the outcome.

5. Biofeedback replaces surveys and “likes”

The technology for measuring emotions has made great strides. Apps are already attempting to track behavioural patterns and emotions. Which apps does this person use most frequently? How long does she sleep? This panoply of smartphone data will increasingly offer up very precise indications of a user’s mental and physical health.


The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), a non-profit, is considered the leading global research and educational resource for the global wellness industry, and is known for introducing major industry initiatives and regional events that bring together leaders to chart the future. GWI’s mission is to empower wellness worldwide.

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