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Episode #6: Finding meaning and purpose when ‘nothing feels the same’

Author Marshall Dunn lost his brother to suicide in 2002 – a moment that he looks back on as knowing that “nothing would ever be the same again”. But it was how he navigated that journey of grief that shaped Marshall’s role today in helping others to “come home to themselves”.

In this episode of The Wellness Daily Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Marshall, who discusses the emotions that he went through on that journey, his personal path to healing, and the link that he found between the heart and wellbeing, which changed his perspective on his brother’s suicide.

He will delve into the consciousness of the heart both chemically and physiologically, the benefits of heart-focused meditation, and share why he believes that a life not examined is a life wasted.

This episode of The Wellness Daily Show contains content which some may find confronting or distressing. If you are in need of support, you can contact the following crisis services: 


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