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What is Australia’s most physically active state or territory?

New data surveying the sporting and physical activity habits of Australian adults has revealed which state or territory is the most active.

According to Sport Australia’s latest AusPlay survey results, the ACT is the nation’s most active region.

In 2018-19, 87.8 per cent of Canberrans aged 15 or over participated in sport or physical activity at least once a week, above the national rate of 82.3 per cent. Further, more than two-thirds (69.1 per cent) of ACT adults participated at least three times a week.

Victorians are the second most active demographic among adults who exercise once a week and three times, respectively.

For those who exercise at least once per week, South Australians and West Australians are third and fourth most active, and for those who are physically active at least three times per week, West Australians and Queenslanders are the most active behind Canberrans and Victorians.

On both metrics, those from the Northern Territory are the least active.

In terms of participation per capita across all ages, Victoria has the highest proportion of tennis players, NSW in swimming, the NT in yoga, SA leads in netball, WA in hockey, Tasmania in recreational walking, Queensland in rugby league and the ACT in football.

AusPlay shows that recreational walking continues to be the most popular activity across the nation, with almost 9 million Australian adults making it part of a physically active lifestyle.

Swimming is the organised activity of choice for a large proportion of Australian children aged 0-14, ahead of football and gymnastics.

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer said AusPlay – which surveys 20,000 Australians annually – was an important way to track how Australians engage with sport and physical activity.

“The latest AusPlay results show that almost 13 million Australians (62.9 per cent) aged 15 or over participate in sport or physical activity at least three times a week. Almost 60 per cent of Australian children are active at least once a week in organised activities outside school,” she said.

“We want to see that increase because we know the physical, mental and social benefits that being active provides.

“The Australian government’s national sport plan, Sport 2030, has set a long-term goal for Australia to become the world’s most active and healthy nation. We have accomplished a lot so far, but there is far more to do if we are to continue to get Australia moving and achieve our vision.”

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