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'Life-changing': The weight loss program without strict diets and exercise

With all of the fad diets, exercise trends and misinformation surrounding weight loss, it's hard to sort through the confusion and find methods that work.

Based on scientific research conducted by Dr Gina Cleo, PhD, Sum Sanos is the new program aiming to change the way people lose weight.  

It operates off the results of Dr Cleo's research work at Bond University, which was released in April this year and found that habits and behaviours, not diets and exercise, are the best way to lose weight and sustain weight loss. 

"Based on Dr Cleo's groundbreaking research, Sum Sanos is aimed specifically at cutting through the noise and giving people solutions that really work," said Kate Krieg, chief operating officer and wellness coach. 

"Dr Cleo's work is life-changing and you can see the amount of notice it's getting worldwide from scientists and psychologists. I've used this method and I know it works."

At Sum Sanos' launch event on the Gold Coast on 22 July, attendees will have the chance to hear from Dr Cleo about her work in 'Interventions Based on Habit Theory'. 

By examining the science behind behaviour and habit, participants will learn approaches to weight loss that do not involve rigorous diets or prescriptive exercise.

"At Sum Sanos, we don't want returning participants. We want to equip people with the ability to maintain their changed lives forever," Ms Krieg said.

"Sum Sanos is based on two major elements: the core psychological foundations of a 12-month global coaching program interwoven with Dr Cleo's scientific research methodologies. We want to be the final stop on our clients' weight loss journey."

Dr Cleo said that about half of our everyday behaviour is automatic and habitual, which means we're not completely conscious of the decisions that make us partake in that behaviour.  

"We generally sit in the same place to have dinner, eat the same breakfast, eat at similar times of day - not necessarily when we're hungry," she said. 

"We actually make over 200 food decisions every day - it's the ones we make subconsciously that are invariably hindering our weight loss success."

Sum Sanos is aiming to fix the issues Australians face with weight loss once and for all.

"We want to make real, lasting change," Ms Krieg said. "Sum Sanos takes Dr Cleo's research results and shows people how to apply it to their daily life to achieve weight loss success in a way that is structured and well supported.

"Our expectation is that Sum Sanos will not only help people across Australia to lose weight and improve their health and overall wellness, it will become a game changer the world over for people wanting to lose weight."

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