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Don't egg-nore this superfood

Don't believe the hype: eating eggs doesn't increase your risk of heart disease or stroke. Eggs are in fact a crucial part of a healthy diet, according to Atkins. 

"Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can consume. One large egg provides six grams of high-quality, easily digested protein and all the essential amino acids," said Atkins nutritionist Colette Heimowitz. 

"Eggs are also a significant source of several vitamins and minerals and provide high-quality protein at a lower cost than many other animal-protein foods." 

Research continues to show that eggs are a "perfectly acceptable part" of a daily meal plan, she continued.

Atkins pointed to numerous studies, which have outlined that not only do eggs not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, but that there is no association between eating eggs and heart disease. 

Evidence of this, Atkins wrote, includes: 

•    No impact on cholesterol or blood (as per the Medical Science Monitor, which found that eating one or more eggs a day had no impact on cholesterol levels and didn't increase the subjects' risk of heart disease or stroke); 
•     Enhanced weight loss (from the International Journal of Obesity, in which it was noted that subjects who ate eggs lost more weight and felt more energetic in comparison to subjects who ate a bagel for breakfast);
•    Enhanced satiety (as per the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, which determined that individuals who ate eggs for breakfast felt more satisfied and were likely to consume fewer calories at lunchtime); 
•    Increased 'good' cholesterol (from The Journal of Nutrition, which published research showing that eating three eggs a day is associated with a greater increase in "good cholesterol"); and
•    No impact on heart disease (from a recent study in Heart, which showed that participants who consumed eggs had a significantly lower risk of being diagnosed with heart disease). 

In response to this, Ms Heimowitz said: "Go ahead and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner with eggs in all their wondrous variety, without a smidgeon of guilt."

"Often overlooked as a superfood, eggs are a cornerstone of a healthy diet and contain vital nutrients like choline, selenium and vitamin B12," she said. 

"Consuming one egg a day is good for heart health and can potentially lead to an increase in good cholesterol."

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