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Aussies want more bugs in their protein

IGA will be the first chain of Australian supermarkets to stock edible crickets. The addition of Grilo products to IGA shelves comes on the back of increasing demand from customers for more sustainable sources of protein.

For people looking to reduce their environmental impact while also meeting dietary needs, edible crickets could be the perfect substitute.

“Grilo Protein is one of these such products, and we are proud to support this innovative and local company who is committed to supplying healthy, sustainable and future-conscious food that tastes great!” said Rob Outridge, who owns the IGA supermarket in Maleny, Queensland. 

Eating crickets has previously been uncommon in the West, largely due to the “ick” factor associated with eating bugs. However, consumers are now recognizing that not only are crickets mild in flavour, but their nutrient density, sustainability and versatility make them a more sustainable and delicious protein alternative.

IGA’s move to add Grilo products to their shelves is incredibly exciting and demonstrates the growing understanding for the need to find food solutions that meet both planet and human needs. We believe the growing trend of consuming insects will result in a healthier planet and healthier bodies.

Environmental alternative

Crickets are the most sustainable source of protein on Earth. They require far less resources (water, land, feed and energy) than other popular sources of protein, such as chicken, beef or pork, and produce 80 times less methane than cows. Given that 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions is a result of livestock production, cricket’s growing popularity should result in a significant lowering of emissions.

Nutrient dense

Crickets are extremely nutrient dense, containing 69 per cent protein, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, potassium and calcium. Their digestibility is higher than that of plant proteins, making it easier for the body to extract and absorb all those nutrients. Given the busy lives lead by most people and the impact of good nutrition on mental and physical health, the need for accessible, easily prepared nutrients is great.

Versatile and delicious

Given their mild, nutty flavour, crickets are extremely easy to incorporate into meals and smoothies – sweet or savoury.

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