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Advances on Dermapen skin needling – why it's the new trend

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Skin needling has quite an interesting history with its origins dating back thousands of years. The modern concept of the skin rejuvenation technique was developed by Dr. Desmond Fernandes in Philadelphia in 1995 as a method to treat wrinkles and scars using hypodermic needles.  

But the practice of inserting needles into specific points on the body to improve wellbeing and promote natural self-healing really began in ancient China in the form of acupuncture. While acupuncture works on specific points to stimulate the flow of qi (pronounced ‘chi’) around the body for improved wellbeing, today’s form of skin needling is designed to stimulate the production of collagen, the skin’s natural healing substance. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the invention of the Dermapen skin needling device has taken the beauty industry by storm. Dermapen uses the world’s most advanced skin needling technology to provide a natural alternative to many cosmetic procedures. For those who are a little squeamish about needles or facial surgery, the Dermapen offers a highly effective but minimally invasive non-surgical solution. The tiny needles are contained within a cartridge inside the device so even those with a needle phobia can easily tolerate the Dermapen.

At Clear Skincare Clinics Dermapen skin needling – also known as collagen induction therapy - is the No.1 anti-ageing treatment. This popular treatment is delivered through a pen-like device which uses tiny disposable needles to penetrate and vibrate the skin at high speed, making 1296 micro channels in the skin layers every second. The skin reacts to the tiny micro punctures as it would to an injury, stimulating collagen production to heal the skin. After a series of treatments scars and skin texture are smoother, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance is achieved. 

The popular Dermapen treatment has been successful in treating and improving conditions such as acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, while the stimulation of new collagen also helps improve the appearance of skin tone, uneven skin texture, large pores, blackheads and pigmentation and – hence its prevalence.

Another reason for the Dermapen’s rapid rise to fame is that it is virtually painless, as the micro channels it makes are tiny and the vibrating head distracts the pain receptors in the skin. The downtime is very short and the cost is affordable and far cheaper than many cosmetic procedures such as surgical facelifts. The skin’s reaction to the Dermapen is generally some redness, with light crusting and bruising is possible within 3-5 days of having the procedure. 

In this generation of rapid technological advancements, the original Dermapen has undergone several updates since its inception in 2010. Last year its inventors launched the Dermapen 4, with revolutionary scar treatment protocols, greater speed, safety, power and precision, and more technical features.  Dermapen 4 delivers superior results and the manufacturers claim is it proven to be 104% faster than rival pens. We don’t have the 4 in our clinics – we use the Dermapen 3 

A clear winner in the popularity stakes at Clear Skincare Clinics around the country, the Dermapen relies on a mechanical action to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, which means it is natural, chemical-free and delivers results without the potential risks and downtime associated with surgery.

While it has been recently reported that the number of Australians opting for cosmetic procedures has surpassed the United States per capita, the questions remains: is the Dermapen mightier than the New alternative to the scalpel? It seems so.

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