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9 ways to get out of your head and into your body

In my last article, I talked about how getting out of your head and into your body helps you find your mojo. Today I want to explain further why this is also very important for your happiness, work performance and relationships.

Most of us in the corporate world spend a lot of time in front of a computer or in meetings, sitting, analysing and strategising; i.e. living in our head. But the creative design of anything from consumer software to customer experiences does not live inside the head. The source of creativity comes from the body where your feelings reside. Likewise, serving customers from the heart with empathy and warmth comes from the body. Whether you are a mortgage broker, settlement paralegal or a café barista, your competitive edge is in the passion you bring to your job. And you guessed it, passion resides in your body, not your head. So how do you get out of your head and into your body?

5 signs you are living in your head

1.    You don't notice beauty around you. Whether it is the blue sky, chirping birds, flowers in the garden or the sparkle in your children's eye.

2.    Your breathing is shallow. Breathing is an instant barometer of your thoughts and feelings.

3.    You feel like you are always on the edge of anxiety or unhappiness or worse still, numbness.

4.    You are all talk, no action. You sign up for the gym but don't go or buy recipe books but don't cook.

5.    You focus on consuming and not creating. Whether it is media to fatten the brain or food to fatten the body. These days everyone wants to eat but nobody wants to grow or cook food. Everyone wants to read or watch but not many want to write or produce. 
Basically, when you spend too much time in your head, you check out of the present moment and waste precious energy feeding your ego. You worry too much about what people think of you.


What causes us to live in our head?

1.    When feelings hurt too much or we have unexpressed emotions, we retreat into our head and go into a state of emotional numbness. 

2.    Technology and social media. This is by far the most insidious.

3.    Work that requires sitting and thinking.

4.    Too much education.

5.    Not enough socialising. 


9 ways to get out of your head and into your body

1.    Exercise and sports.
2.    Mindful breathing and meditation. Read 'Just Breathe' by Dan Brule. Life changing!
3.    Making love. (Beware pornography. Studies show that it is ruining intimacy).
4.    Connecting with nature and gardening.
5.    Hugging a friend.
6.    Getting a massage.
7.    Doing the things you fear.
8.    Listening to music and dancing. 
9.    Taking an afternoon nap.

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