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5 free fitness apps to get you off the couch this winter

Mid-year is a reflective time of the year, you might be assessing whether you have achieved those fitness goals you had set for yourself at the start of the year. It's super important to not beat yourself up during this time and look at steps for jumping over obstacles and achieving those goals. 

You might need a little help with planning and or need a good dose of motivation, often times this will cost you up to anywhere from $50-$100's of dollars in gym memberships to personal trainers. 

Before making a dent in your wallet, we suggest you try these free apps that could be equally as effective and could save you a couple a Dollarydoos which you could be spending on things that matter.

1.    Kineticoach

With more than 600 workouts to choose from, this free app lets you customise your workout based on your energy levels, mood and equipment. Built to help those that are constantly on the move with work or play, Kineticoach will track you progress and help to workout whenever, wherever. 

Available: Android/iOS

2.    Blackroll

Have you slowed down due to an injury? 

Blackroll leaves you with no room for excuses with comprehensive workouts catered to recovery and regeneration training. With 25 workouts to choose from the different levels of difficulty, self – massage treatments and filtered workouts for each body part. Blackroll will essentially help anyone that wants a simple program that can aid with recovery from a workout or an injury. 

Available: Android/iOS

3.    Nike + Training Club

Whether you are starting out or confident in your abilities to hold a plank for 3 mins, you can find a workout from the 100+ on offer that will cater to your fitness level. Train with professional athletes like Serena Williams and celebrities like Kevin Hart. 

Available: Android/iOS

4.    Sworkit

With a tick of approval from the University of Florida in a 2015 study, Sworkit offers relatively approved set of customisable workouts from over 50 set workouts. With your very own workout planner for any fitness goals and levels, Sworkit leaves you with the freedom to leave out workouts that you may not enjoy (bye bye burpees).

Available: Android/iOS

5.    Qinetic

If you thrive more in a community environment, Qinetic is the app for you. This interactive app allows you to exercise live or on demand with trainers hosting yoga, strength training, dance fitness classes and much more. This app also links with your Apple watch and HealthKit to monitor your heart rate and caloric burn in real time. 

Available: Android/iOS

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