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4 tips for boosting winter immunity

With winter right around the corner for Australians, it will be important to ensure you’re proactively ensuring that your physical and emotional health is catered for.

TAL general manager of health services Dr Sally Phillips said Australians must be empowered to look after themselves and also be equipped with the best advice to reduce stress and remain healthy.

To do this, Dr Phillips outlined her four top tips to look after one’s self with winter looming:

Eat healthy: Indulge in the great winter fruits and veggies as they become available

Eating well and looking after yourself through good diet can reduce the risk of you falling ill and promotes mental health, she posited.

“Make the most of winter and enjoy the nutritious seasonal foods while ensuring you keep your diet varied to include a mix from all five food groups every day – vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins and dairy.”

Stay active: Beat the darker days and step out in the sun more

“Walking or choosing to exercise in the sun is not only great to stay physically fit but also for your pineal gland, which can improve your mental health,” Dr Phillips continued.

“Looking after yourself should be a part of who you are, so try to incorporate these kinds of changes into your daily life. For instance, taking 10 minutes to go for a walk at lunchtime is a simple way to enhance your physical and mental health.”

De-stress: Use winter to your advantage to reduce your life admin list

“Set aside a particularly wet and cold afternoon to cozy up at home and revisit those things that you’ve been putting off or not had enough time to focus on over the summer, like getting your finances in order,” she advised.

By ticking off those things that may have been weighing on your mind, you can help de-stress and feel prepared for the future. Keeping your finances healthy is key to both mental and physical health, she noted.

Stay connected: Make time to connect and socialise with your support network

Feeling well connected to those you love and those you work with is one of the key factors to staying healthy and enjoying a meaningful life, Dr Phillips said.

“Winter can be a time when people feel less inclined to leave the house, but making time to spend with your network will help you feel happier, connected, secure and stable, which is important to help boost your mental health too.”

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