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Who will you be in one year?

Humans are designed for progress. It's what makes us happy, fulfilled and excited to be alive – growing, learning and challenging our boundaries. When we stop progressing, we stagnate, lose clarity and can become lost, and even disillusioned with our life and the dreams we once kept in our heart.

Many believe that gratitude is the key to happiness. What some forget, however, is that gratitude must be coupled with progress. Otherwise, you will end up drifting in the direction of your greatest weaknesses – whether it is eating too much, watching too much media, working too many hours, buying things you do not need, arguing with your partner, complaining and blaming at work, wallowing in fear and worry, etc. What some people call depression is sometimes nothing more than stagnation of the human spirit through lack of progress.

For progress to be made, you need to have a compelling and clear vision of WHO you want to be. Not WHAT you want to be. There is an important difference. The former is what gives us the power to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

Who you will be in one year's time will depend on four important aspects:

  • Your vision for every aspect of the eight areas of your life and not just work
  • What you learn and re-learn by constantly reading, watching and listening
  • What you do and the actions you take in each of the eight areas
  • Who you give your time and energy to

Ask yourself the following important questions. It is by asking the right questions, that we find the right answers.


What will your body look like? Your face? your hair? your skin?

Will you be fitter, stronger, more flexible and be able to balance just as you did when you were younger?

Will you be free from your addiction to sugar and other bad cravings?

Will you sleep more peacefully at night?

Will your mind be sharper and faster?

What about your thoughts and feelings?

Will you be more spiritual and practice love and compassion?

Will you walk around with a sense of gratitude for everything that you have in your life?

Will you be more kind and giving, not only to others but to yourself?

Will you do things with less haste and learn to savour your food and the warmth of the sun?


Will your relationship be stronger?

Will you have more touch, more affection and more intimacy?

Will you have more understanding and learn a smarter way of handling conflict?

Will you hold hands in public?

Will you kiss each other hello and goodbye every time?

Will you read to each other?

Will you respect and support each other's goals and dreams?


Will you love and support your family unconditionally?

Will you be an inspiration to them?

Will you guide by example and not by imposing your will?

Will you go on picnics together?

Will you turn off the TV and Wi-Fi to cook, eat and clean together?

Will you take turns telling stories and sharing goals and dreams on a Sunday night?


What new skills will you have learned?

How will you pivot and upskill yourself in the new era of Ai?

Will you be an inspiration to your colleagues and stakeholders?

Will you be so valuable that every employer and client will want you?

Will you be achieving more, in less time, more sustainably?

Will you love your work and stay fulfilled even during the inevitable tough times?

Will you be fearless in the execution of your work and in coming up with new ideas?


Who will your friends be?

What standards and beliefs will they have?

What social agenda and hobbies will you have to enjoy your friendships?

Will you surround yourself with friends who make you laugh and feel good about yourself?

Learning, Wealth and Charity

What new skills would you have learned to stay up to date with a fast-changing world?

What new books would you have read or listened to that caused a shift in your thinking?

Will you be more frugal and less reliant on money for happiness?

Will you be kinder, more generous and more conscious of others in need?

Know thy self

Who you will be in 12 months depends on what you do each and every day. Each day is a building block of who you want to be. The key is to live consciously and know that how you live is totally within your control. What to eat? How to sleep? What to think? How to work? What to learn? How to love? And on it goes…

Most people have systems for working in their job but do not have systems for living. This is the gap left by schools and work places. At A Higher Branch Success Academy, we have designed a system for living that is unique and equips you with a powerful and proprietary framework for constantly upgrading every aspect of your life. To say that your life will pivot after attending at our annual event is an understatement. You will experience an outright revolution of transformation. For more information, click here.

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Keep climbing higher. :)

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