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You can't fake it until you make it

There is an invisible force that connects all people. Scientists call it 'energy transference'. It simply means that we reflect out what is deep within our thoughts and emotions. 

You can try and fake it but people feel and connect with your energy before they connect with what you are saying. If you do not project a fresh and vibrant energy, people will read that and disconnect from you; especially if your customer is a woman. Women in general are more intuitive and will pick up on any negative energy you bring into the room.

That is why I believe that 99 per cent of your personal success is going to depend on the physical and emotional energy you bring to your job. And a mere 1 per cent will depend on how much you know.

Energy is the new currency in the 21st century - much more precious than time or money. You may wake up with great intentions to build a career, make money and live an exciting purposeful life, but it all comes crashing down if you wake up tired, dull and have energy downers throughout the day. Your unactioned to-do list becomes a guilty reminder you carry around all day.

Why do people fail? Because they focus too much on the 1 per cent and neglect the 99 per cent. Most are under the mistaken belief that knowledge, experience and university degrees is what will make them successful. But we live in an era where pure knowledge is no longer power. Information is everywhere. It's all over Google. And with the use of technology, people are working smarter than ever before. So what is your edge? What is your point of difference? What is the difference between success and mediocrity? The difference can only be the physical and emotional energy you bring to each and every interaction you have in your day with your colleagues and customers.

There is no denying that energetic people are sharper, happier, more engaging, creative, and make the best leaders. Consequently, they are incredibly good at connecting, being liked and trusted. And whether you are a doctor, lawyer, mortgage broker, or financial planner all consumer decisions comes down to trust. And to establish trust you have to build a connection. Energetic people find it much easier to build that connection.

There are two things that have a profound effect on your energy.

1.    Your physical health
2.    Your emotional happiness.

So when it comes to energy, you simply cannot fake it until you 'make' it. When you operate at peak performance, you will simply get more done, in less time, more sustainably.

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