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What’s the link between sensuality and body positivity?

In a world where body shaming, stigmas and taboos run rampant, being more in touch with one’s sensuality and being body positive has significant ripple effects for one’s holistic wellbeing, says Hollie Azzopardi.

Speaking recently on The Wellness Daily Show, holistic wellness coach and Instagram influencer Hollie Azzopardi said women have been conditioned to feel egotistical if they love their own bodies, and that society should therefore tear them down for such an attitude.

“As women, we have been conditioned to believe that our bodies should look a certain way, [by way of] images that are portrayed in the media, and what we see even in terms of what's celebrated through pop culture, celebrity and social media influencers,” she said.

“And so, for anyone to show up and apologetically love their physical when it goes against the societal norm, it’s quite confronting for people. It’s quiet, like, ooh, hang on a second, she’s rocking the boat a little bit here. Whats that about?”

For Ms Azzopardi, it has been fundamentally important to explore her sensual self, because as a female, she noted, the more she gets in touch with her body, the more she starts to enjoy and love the sensual nature of it.

“Im not just talking about sex here… I feel like sex and sensuality, theyre two different things. Sensuality is an energy of how you dance to your favorite music, and how you feel alive in your body. So, for instance, one of my sensual body practices is dry body brushing my body every morning with essential oils, and its just about reconnecting with your body from a place of almost awe and enjoyment for the physical that we have been gifted with, because all of our bodies are so unique, there's no two bodies that are the same, and truly when I say our physical bodies we have been gifted with, they are a gift. We forget that.”

Our bodies are here to keep us alive, she continued, and their one job is to keep us alive.

“So, for me, the sensual aspect when it comes to our body is to enjoy this beautiful physical form weve been gifted in beautiful ways,” she said.

“This is the home of sensuality and creative energy. And sensuality and creative energy vibrate at the same frequency. So when youre more in touch with your femininity, your sensuality, your creativity and your inspiration, that also increases. So its got this ripple effect around us which isnt just connected with our physical. Its also our energetic. And thats what Im tapping into right now.”

To listen to Jerome’s full conversation with Hollie, click below:

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