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LinkedIn reveals the biggest drivers of workplace stress

Almost half of Australian professionals (49 per cent) feel stressed at work, according to LinkedIn Learning’s recent Stress at Work report.

The global survey comprising 2,843 English-speaking professionals on LinkedIn revealed that the leading cause of stress for Australian professionals is work-life balance and workload, affecting almost three in four Australians (72 per cent).

The top five causes of stress at work for Australians are:

● Work-life balance/workload – 72 per cent
● Sense of purpose/direction – 66 per cent
● Colleagues/work politics – 64 per cent
● Access to tools to do your job – 63 per cent
● Confidence in job future – 62 per cent

For over half of Australians (57 per cent), their boss or management is a source of a stress, while 54 per cent of professionals find opportunities to learn and grow a principal source of stress.

On the global professional playground, the LinkedIn Learning survey revealed Gen X to be the most stressed generation with over half (54 per cent) claiming to be stressed. The number one reason is due to concern about confidence in their job future.

In terms of seniority, executive level professionals are the most stressed, even more so than individual contributors and middle management.

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