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How can you be more promotable?

Getting a promotion at work can do wonders for one's wellbeing and emotional state. Conversely, being overlooked for such an elevation can shake our confidence and make us question our abilities.

Wellness Daily spoke with Corporate Dojo founder Karen Gately (pictured) about the ways one can best put themselves forward for a promotion at work, and the corresponding impacts such actions can have upon our holistic health and wellbeing. 

1. How can making one's self more promotable improve their workplace health and wellness?

The simple truth is self-pride and confidence have a big impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Having belief in your ability to take on a more senior role will unquestionably energise your spirit.

Whether you earn a promotion or not, simply striving to be the best possible version of yourself, and knowing that you have developed the capabilities or character traits needed to step up, will influence the sense of purpose and fulfilment you feel in your work life.  

2. What are your top tips to be more promotable?

Have courage.  While it may feel safer to stay in the role you're in, or it may even seem easier, the reality is feeling proud, capable and ready to take the next step are entirely more likely to have a positive influence on the quality of your life.

Demonstrate keen desire to learn and take on more responsibility.  Invest energy in your role and bring both an open mind and collaborative spirit, and other people are likely to see you as someone who is promotable. 

3. How can one go about actioning those tips?

Understand your professional brand and how it is either helping or hindering your ability to earn a promotion.  Seek honest feedback from people you trust and be willing to not only hear what they have to say, but to also act on reasonable advice.  

Work with a mentor who is able to help you to see an accurate view of yourself and recognise the steps you need to take to keep growing in your career.  

4. Are there any challenges/hurdles in the way of becoming more promotable? If yes, how can they be overcome?

A lack of emotional intelligence or engagement in the role they already have are two common reasons people are overlooked for promotion. The ability to build effective working relationships, deal with setbacks and keep striving to do a good job are regarded by good employers as prerequisites to a promotion.  

If you've been working in one organisation for a long time it can be hard to shake a reputation. If you've behaved poorly in the past and its holding you back, the best you can do is to re-earn trust. Only actions will shift the perceptions people hold of you and what they can expect. 

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