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Why age doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing your dreams

Age is no barrier when it comes to achieving the things that will bring us personal, emotional and psychological joy and meaning, argues a Sydney-based author and entrepreneur.

Speaking to Wellness Daily, Alan Manly, founder of Group Colleges Australia and author of The Unlikely Entrepreneur, said that life is a journey and that all meaningful pursuits can take time to accomplish.

“The question that is impossible to answer is... just when will be the right time to pursue a dream? When you are ready is the best answer that comes to my mind. If on your life’s journey there remains a few dreams, celebrate your good fortune by starting that chapter in your life today,” he explained.

When asked whether one’s age and stage of life dictates the setting of particular goals and targets, he referred to George Bernard Shaw’s quip about youth being wasted on the young.

“When young, we tend to live for the moment, but later in life the goals and targets naturally change. Looking back on our own innocence, and maybe foolishness as we say, I would never do that again is a declaration that everything depends on where we are on our life’s journey,” he said.

For those who are anxious about their age, he said that life begins every morning you wake up, not at any other point in time.

“Panic is the best policy. This day is not only the beginning of the rest of your life, it may be one day from the unexpected end. Enjoy life as much as you can. Be brave and hug those that matter to you,” he said.

The top tips Mr Manly suggested for pursuing one’s dreams, regardless of age, are:

• “Admit that you still have dreams. You may think that you will sound silly, but who cares!”
• “Take the first step to investigate how you could achieve your dream. Learning all about your dream will be half the fun.”
• “Take the plunge and do it. Tell them all to be damned. This is your journey and it will end. End it with a smile!”

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