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Intuition: What it is and how you can use it

Science shows us that we are all connected. Intuition is the richest connection we have to others, the world around us, and, most importantly, ourselves.

Intuition can be a range of experiences, including the five senses and the sixth sense. Intuition can be a deep and all-knowing that something is wrong. Intuition may include heightened touch, sight, smell, taste and feeling.

The easiest example of intuition is when you experience is a warm, glowing feeling in your heart, knowing that everything is going to be okay. Or when you shake someone’s hand the first time you meet them, and you get a feeling of whether you can trust this person or not.

How we can use our intuition every day

Imagine knowing how to clear your negative thoughts and emotions.

Imagine listening to your spirit, mind, heart and gut.

Imagine trusting your intuition no matter what.

Now, you can make insightful and intuitive decisions every day.

Making decisions daily

When your mind and heart are clear and you are coming from a loving place, how could your intuition be wrong? I decide on a regular basis whether to meet friends for coffee/lunch or keep working on that important business project. A client over the last few weeks decided whether she would exercise in morning or if she should rest as she was getting over the flu. Another client used his intuition to decide if he would stay in his relationship or leave his life partner.

Using your intuition when you are really worried about something

This is a perfect time to use your intuition, whatever the issue. Clear your mind and emotions. Be as relaxed as you can. If not, take some time out to reenergize yourself. Break your intuitive decision down into two parts.

One: The Answer

What is your heart and gut telling you? The most important part is knowing the answer. If you are ready, use your intuition and decide.

Two: The Action You Need to Take

The second part is when you act on it. A wonderful friend reminded me the other day that before you consider a course of action, you have to consider your time, energy and money.

I recommend the same advice to you. Make your decision and follow through on it.

When not to use your intuition

When you are stressed, anxious, and/or overtired, your intuition will be off. Take some time out. Sometimes, when it is difficult to clear your mind and emotions, the best course is to rest. Research from Berkley University shows that sleeping 10-20 minutes is enough to refresh your mind, and increase your energy and alertness. A 60-minute nap can provide an excellent memory boost. Now that you are feeling clearer and lighter, you can make a better decision.

How can we learn to tap into our intuition when making a decision?

Follow this easy five-step intuitive process to make better decisions:
1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes for one to two minutes.
2. Slow your mind down and let the question come up.
3. Allow all your emotions to come forward.
4. Let go of your thoughts and emotions and ground yourself.
5. Come from your heart and your gut and make the best decision for you.

Craigh Wilson is a sought-after author, media contributor, mentor and international key note speaker. He offers smart, realistic and powerful transformational solutions to everyday people, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies in over 44 countries around the world. Find out more about Craigh and his book, Intuitive, at

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