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5 Advantages on creating your own art

In our world of constant technology, which has been linked to higher rates of anxiety and stress, there's a big push for people to look after themselves better. Step away from digital screens and get back to basics. Disconnect from online platforms and re-connect with yourself. One way to do that is by creating art. Whether your art comes in the form of paint and brushes, pencils and sketchbooks, or garlic and olive oil, creating visual or edible art is good for your health and wellness. Here's why.

Creating reduces stress

When you're engaged in something positive, something you are passionate about, you'll naturally be happier. Tension increases when there's pressure. The compulsion to do more, the pressure to perform, the demand to be perfect. Art comes in all forms, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True artists create for themselves first, and although perfectionism is rife in the creative world, it's also important to know that it's unattainable. If you're new to creative arts, try different mediums to find your groove. Spotlight has a big range of art and craft supplies that include acrylic, oil, fabric, spray, and pouring paints; brushes, colouring pencils, beads and jewellery, yarns and wool, glitters, inks, patterns, and of course, fabrics in all colours, designs, and textures.

Being creative improves your quality of life

We all want to feel like we're useful and that we are adding something special and unique to the world. Creating lets us do that. Making something, whether it's a hand-crafted birthday card, a sketchbook of landscapes, or a delicious meal from scratch, and having someone like and appreciate it is a great feeling. Not only that but receiving gratitude for your efforts is also a self-esteem booster. Art is especially helpful for seniors who may feel like their daily life is bland or without colour. It's a way for the elderly to feel like a kid again; playful and young.

Making art is nourishing for your brain

Art is a powerful stimulant, especially for your mind. Working with paints and craft supplies from Spotlight allows a neural connection and communication, which your brain cells need to stay active. Creating art inspires problem-solving, and unlike other brain exercises, such as crossword or sudoku, there are limitless answers. Creative thinking keeps your mind healthy and active so next time you're feeling foggy or forgetful, pick up a paintbrush and let loose on a canvas.

Art allows you to express emotions without words

It's not uncommon for people to want to hide their deepest feelings from the world. The good thing about art is that it's expressive, without the need for words. Art Therapy is a process of expressing known or unknown matters that may be causing pain in one's life. It's also used as a rehabilitation tool. By creating art in a safe space under the guidance of an accredited art therapist, patients are able to communicate with art supplies when words fail.

Creativity is rewarding

Not only is the process of making art relaxing and calming, but it also produces something special and unique. After putting in the time to create, the end result is often rewarding and pleasure-inducing. Crafty art makes lovely handmade gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Paintings can decorate your home and office. Cakes, cookies, and bread, which are all forms of creativity, send delicious smells throughout the house and they taste good too.


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