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3 secrets to a better night's sleep

Winning your morning starts the night before. Here are three tips to getting the rest you need. 

1.    Do a brain dump in your diary

Most people find it difficult to disconnect when they get home after work. They often end up having a restless sleep and are tired and grouchy the next day. 

I like to write my To-Do list for the next day before I even leave the office. This gets things out of your head and gives your mind permission to switch from work-related thinking to recreational activities like playing sport, cooking, or spending time with friends and family. 

To help you achieve this life-changing habit I strongly suggest you turn off your phone when you get home. A lot of people in sales fall into the trap of thinking they need to be on call for 24 hours. But customers do not expect that. They expect to deal with someone real.

Try a sincere voicemail like this: If my phone is off, it means I am spending time with my family or serving another customer. But rest assured when I do get your message I will call you back and give you my utmost attention.

2.    Don't eat after 7pm

If you eat too late you will either fall asleep with a stomach full of unprocessed food, or you will have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Either way you'll wake up lethargic and suffer energy dips throughout the next day. 

Your digestion rises and sets with the sun, so your ultimate goal is stop eating after sunset. This is not easy. But if your goal is to operate at peak performance then it really is worth it. Give it a try – you'll wake up fresh.

3.    Sleep more and sleep less

The best form of relaxation is sleep. It is essential to recharge your energy. 
But here's the thing: the hours you sleep before midnight equal two hours after midnight which is why you should sleep more before midnight and less after. My tip is to leave the blinds or curtains open so the morning's first light becomes your alarm clock.

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