• 9 tips to manage alcohol intake over Christmas

    With the abundance of alcohol on offer, for many Australians end-of-year parties and holiday social events can become a trigger for overindulging in alcohol, says a psychiatric nurse and mental health expert. 
  • Why you should eat more apples

    Apples are the “wonder fruit of the world”, and we need to be eating more of them, according to a leading clinical nutritionist and food scientist. 
  • Australians are being overprescribed antibiotics

    More than 30 million antibiotic prescriptions are dispensed in Australia each year. In 2015, around 45 per cent of Australians were prescribed at least one course of antibiotics — many of these unnecessary.
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    Daylight savings diet: What to eat to get in shape for summer

    Sadly, there are no “best” or “worst” foods to eat for summer. However, there are optimal times to eat certain foods. Eating foods that are in-season and locally available is optimal for your body and your gut bacteria, writes Drew Harrisberg.