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Recent Comments

Thank you for writing this Cyndi, I do hope many take notice. A little bit of intelligence applied to our diet, even just a little, can and will make an impact. I see this in the difference between the kids in my daughters school - the foods they eat and the uncanny (or not) correlation to their mental performance. Food prejudice also plays a big part in Australian society in my experience.
Peter Pagac 03 hours ago
"...the election of 2016 was similar to the events of 9/11..." - only if there is something wrong with you already. So a violent crime which killed just under 3,000 is similar in many ways to an election in which your side lost? A crime motivated by intense political and religious hatred is similar to Hillary's loss in an election? An extreme hatred of America is similar in many ways to the victory of Donald Trump, who wants to make America great again?
WeMustResist 2 days ago
The "majority"...get a life. He won, thank goodness Hilary lost and we are all better for it...
wtf 2 days ago