10 of the World's Most Insanely Luxurious Houses

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Barnaby Joyce fasted from sex with his wife and look what happened. So fasting from sex is good for you? Bullshit.
IG 04 hours ago
Greeting, Humm where to start ? A long list ... a great article much needed in today’s fast phase society as if we all running the marathon and not even close to the finish line 🏁. That in mind I done fasting from food in past at time not big deal nothing to Bragg about or telling all coworkers I’m fasting ... it’s an individual act for self behavior if you well it’s a great idea to detox the body to make organs healthy from inside our body and function well less activity to renew itself as a good mentor friend just told before reading this , now going to abstaining from sexy not ever person do have partner those do must be luckier happier per-say then those who don’t , many ppl could have more urge then others heard many stories that couple ended up getting divorce because sex issues ... for some way too much others not enough ... the other part of indulging shooing yeeey a women must have her LV bag or top line shoes or dresses it’s like I want to look the very best from the rest it’s showing off issues many humans do have ... shopping atvtime it’s a getaway from issues that a person been having some do drugs some alcohol some shopping to fulfill their emptiness ... I’m a living example to some what I wrote ! Again a great article I hope more ppl got to read it and tell their part of the story in order other won’t get trap ... fasting in any form is healthy detox body mind and renew the thought .! Best 🙏
Z. Joseph 13 hours ago
some good insights...everyone is facing..
Patricia 1 day ago