Experts agree: ‘We live in uncertain times’

Times are getting tough. Competition is fierce and fear and panic is starting to spread in some industries. 

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What a waste of time. For every hipster eating zucchini and avocado for breakfast, there must be ten kids eating froot loops or some other sugar-laden cereal. The results for other countries are just as crap. For example Japan, which has a very healthy traditional breakfast of grilled salmon, rice and miso soup, came in 24th in this "study" [sic] because only the miso soup was considered. Who is Hayes & Jarvis anyway, some specialist network of dietary advisers? Nope, they are a travel agency.
Pete 1 day ago
I do CrossFit every morning before work and on Saturdays.. It sets me up for the day. ‘You win the morning you win the day’.
Kate 5 days ago
Wow. How long is her lunchbreak?. We get 30 minutes, no time for the gym and food, barely time to walk to the eatery and back.
7 days ago