Should you make new year's resolutions?

Doing what you did last year probably isn't going to be sufficient in 2018. Whether you are in sales, admin or finance, you need to take your performance to the next level, otherwise you will fall behind.

As consumers we expect products to improve every year. Bigger TV screens, faster computers, more comfortable cars, the latest iPhone. But have you ever thought of yourself as a beautiful work in progress? You are. The human mind and body is the most sophisticated gadget on the planet. So what upgrades are you going to make in 2018?

What enhancements to the software (mind) and hardware (body) are you going to work on? That is, what progress are you going to make?

It is not about change. Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. Progress on the other hand is totally within your control. 

When you embrace progress, yesterday's impossible becomes tomorrow's possible.
New year's resolutions are your first step in the direction of progress. But progress requires motivation. Lots of it. Daily. If you have days where you wake up feeling unmotivated, it doesn't mean that you are lazy. It just means that your goals may not be inspiring or specific enough. Or it could mean that you got distracted and lost focus temporarily.

My number one tip is to stay focused on what is most important to you. Learn to say ‘no’ to the things (social media or TV) or to the people that distract you from your goals.

What are the best new year's resolutions to make?

The ones you will keep. This all depends on what your goals are. Resolutions are nothing more than goals dressed up as commitments and pledges you make to yourself and the people closest to you, at the start of a year.

Research shows however, that 98 per cent of people will break their resolutions within the first two weeks of the year. Why? Because old habits die-hard. When you do the same thing repeatedly it becomes hardwired and very difficult to reverse.

There are only two ways you can reverse the old and sow the new.

1.    Make resolutions you are passionate about

These are the ones you ‘wanna’ make. New year's resolutions should be personal to you. So don’t make any that are trendy or talked about on social media. If something does not light you up then it should not be on your radar. It must be something that you are completely passionate about. Passion brings courage and willpower to the surface and literally changes your chemical make-up. Feel good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and myriad endorphins give you the ‘pull’ motivation to take the first step and the second and third, and fourth towards your new year's resolutions.

2.     Break the habit of being yourself

Achieving the resolutions you ‘need’ to make is not easy and requires a complete upgrade to your software. That is, you need to reprogram your thoughts and feelings. How? First, here are some resolutions we ALL need to make:

  • HEALTH: Boosting energy to new levels is the most critical resolution. This entails eating clean, eating small; sleeping early, waking early; exercising religiously, exercising hard; more sunshine, more nature. 
  • WORK: Learning more about your industry is another critical resolution. You need to keep learning and attending seminars and networking events. This helps you stay in touch and keeps you motivated.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: More socialising and having fun with family and friends. Schedule time for intimacy with your partner; do fun activities with your kids; hang out with friends and have a laugh.
  • MONEY: Save more for tomorrow and spend less for today. Slow down! Material things will never make you happy. Live simply. The best things in life are definitely free. 
    Chances are you will wake up some days and derail yourself with these thoughts:
    “I don’t feel like it today; I’m too tired; I have too much to do; I am busy; I have a headache; I want to get something to eat; I can start tomorrow; this doesn’t feel good; I should turn on the TV and watch the news or social media to check how many ‘likes’ I have.”
    Don’t think you are alone. The most successful people on the planet fall into the same negative loop. Thoughts drive feelings and feelings in turn drive the same negative thoughts. So, how do you break a negative loop? What do the successful do different? What can you do different?

You need to break the habit of being yourself. Just in nature, you need to shed your old skin and turn a new leaf. You are born an explorer primed for progress but fear and limiting beliefs hold you back from evolving. This makes you live subconsciously in the past. In his pioneering book, “Breaking the habit of Being Yourself”, Dr Joe Dispenza provides a step-by-step guide to help you take conscious control of yourself. I highly recommend this book as an extension to this article to help you create a new destiny for yourself.

Wishing you a happy new year and a new way of life.



Love this .. I grow my own veggies and fruit, they taste better when in season locally
Jules 24 days ago
Thanks, Sophie -- some good life advice in your article!
Peter Eedy 42 days ago
Hey Sophia, I’m the dad of a 12 year old rugby player, Molly has been playing for 4 years. Great insight into the thought process of a young woman and I’m hoping the benefits she’ll get over time.
Paul Bunker 44 days ago