3 simple ways to boost your productivity this week

Do you often feel busy, but unproductive? Do you often struggle to get through your to do list?

As our lives get busier and we keep adding things to our never ending list, we start to feel overwhelmed with what we have to do and stress about how we can actually get it all done. To stay on track, it’s important to focus on your ultimate goals in order to feel that you are more productive with your time, rather than feeling busy and unfulfilled. 

If you’re feeling like you’re lacking productivity in your day and you want to increase it, follow these three tips: 

•    Learn how to manage your energy not your time. It’s incredible how much you can achieve when you’re energised. Whether it’s after a yoga session, a good night's sleep or after working on a project that you love, we are so much more productive when we’re feeling good about ourselves. Start to understand how and when you work your best. Is it in the morning after a nourishing breakfast and a gym session? Or after your lunch break? Plan your ‘heavier’ tasks at those moments in the day where you have more energy. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get through, in an efficient manner.  

•    Use technology to your advantage. Instead of letting technology and our devices take control of our life, teach yourself more about digital discipline. For some people, putting their phone or laptop aside for hours or days can create more stress and anxiety than relaxation. Instead, does it make you feel better to simply take a few minutes to go through your emails and flag what you need to do? Doing this may put your mind at ease so then you can continue on with your day in a more mindful matter. 

•    Learn the art of saying ‘no’. It’s this simple – you can’t do everything. You don’t have the time or the energy to continue to say yes to everything that pops up. It’s okay to be selective on how you want to spend your time and not overload yourself with a million different tasks, that you won’t complete to your full potential. Instead choose tasks that contribute to your end goal so you can focus your energy and intentions on those.


Thank you for sharing your journey. I read this article way too eagerly, waiting to get to the end when you gave me the magic solution to what is my problem too. I guess finding that balance is an ongoing daily struggle for many of us. You are in good company.
Ros 9 days ago
A beautifully written and honest expression of how many girls/women feel every single day. My journey has been very similar to yours and I've only recently gotten to a stage where I feel I have achieved the all desired 'balance' mentality. But it has taken over 7-8 years. It's so refreshing to read an honest experience of the true grasp that eating disorders have over women everywhere. The scary thing is just how common stories like yours (and mine) are. All the best with your recovery Sophia. With focus and mindfulness, day by day 'normal' eating becomes a little closer to reality.
Stephanie 9 days ago
Such a brave thing to do Sophia in writing about this important subject. So many young women as well as young men have eating disorders which they are ashamed of, which ultimately impacts on their ability to lead a "normal" life. So thank you again for sharing. Good luck and stay positive. All of us are worthy and beautiful in many different ways.
Helene 9 days ago