• Really, what kind of creature are we?

    Ask yourself—and answer honestly—do you think that the “elderly” (however you define the term) are useless and a drain on society due to their pensions and medical needs?
  • How to predict how much you‘ll earn

    You can go to a palmist, a Tarot reader, or a career counsellor to get an idea of your likely future earnings. They will probably be about as accurate as each other.
  • Hiring a radical may be dangerous

    People who hold radical political views — at either end of the political spectrum — aren’t as good as moderates at knowing when they’re wrong, even about something unrelated to politics, finds a new study.
  • Men have negative views of flexible working

    Flexible working often leads to negative views from other employees, with one-third of all UK workers believing those who work flexibly create more work for others, while a similar proportion believe their career will suffer if they use flexible working arrangements, according to new research.
  • Manager burnout is an increasing problem

    While being a workplace manager has its upsides, there can also be deleterious effects upon one's health and wellbeing, writes Dr Bob Murray. 
  • Prejudice against women in power is greater than we think

    In a fascinating study, researchers have shown that results from conventional self-reporting surveys on gender prejudices should be regarded with a measure of skepticism. People have not been telling the researchers the truth.
  • Why you should set modest goals

    Contrary to popular belief, making incremental changes is both easier and more satisfying than maintaining the status quo, writes Dr Bob Murray.

    That fancy new car won't help you make friends

    New research indicates that status symbols like fancy cars, watches and clothing actually make us less attractive. Find out what researchers say about it.