• Giving versus asking for feedback

    We have feedback backwards. I know, it sounds like a bold statement, but it’s true. Ask any of the scientists working in the area of neuro leadership and they will tell you that we’ve got it wrong.
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    Let’s start taking company culture seriously

    I like to think of company culture as the heart of a great brand or ‘your brand on the inside’. For me, it’s the things a company believes and does, and it’s what drives employee engagement and commitment.
  • 5 ways to enhance your business culture

    The culture of the financial planning industry has taken a bit of a battering in recent weeks. For those practices with employees, who are committed to building a client-centric culture, here are my five top people-related initiatives.
  • The power of praise

    It is well known that a significant proportion of employees don’t feel valued at work. The latest research by Gallup indicates that workforce engagement scores continue to hover around 24 per cent.
  • We can't turn a blind eye to workplace harassment

    Research by Safe Work Australia indicates that victims of harassment experience higher levels of emotional exhaustion, psychological distress and depression. They also incur lower levels of job satisfaction and work engagement and a greater desire to leave.